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Bike share is any scheme where bikes or e-bikes are available to multiple users.

The most common model of this in the UK is public bike share where bikes or e-bikes are provided self-service on-street at docking or parking stations or 'dockless' i.e. free-floating.

Other forms are workplace pool bikes, railway station hubs, loans, lockers and peer-to-peer sharing.

Woman using a shared bike

Active bike share members*

Total members

* Anyone who has used the bikes in the last 12 months

Figures: March 2022
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Fleet size

in Scotland
in London
in the rest of England and Wales
Total fleet size


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Benefits of bike sharing

Bike share is growing very rapidly in the UK and brings multiple co-benefits with it.

These include getting lapsed cyclists back into the saddle, boosting physical and mental health and inter-relating with public transport.

Dive into our research to explore more benefits.

Annual public bike share research reports
Shared bike users chat to each other

Research - 2021

The 2021 survey report is the sixth national annual review of the impacts of bike share by CoMoUK.

It provides ground-breaking evidence of the benefits of the schemes to our communities, in particular their role in attracting new riders.

The percentage of e-bike users responding has increased, providing a larger sample size to make comparisons with conventional pedal fleets.
Thanks to Sally Cairns & Associates for analysis of the survey data.

Historic bike share reports


Summary reports


Summary reports (2019/20)
Summary reports (2019)

Bikes for All

The Bikes for All programme aims to reduce inequalities in access to cycling through the provision of low-cost bike hire alongside focused support.

A subsidised annual membership to the city’s bike hire scheme, nextbike Glasgow, together with one-to-one advice, group rides, route-finding tips and road skills, have been successful at breaking down known barriers to cycling such as inexperience, lack of confidence and low income.

The new report highlights the impact the Bikes for All project has had.

CoMoUK adapted this idea from the United States and played a leading role in bringing together the superb range of partners who deliver the programme.

Bikes for All scheme users lined up - three women with their bikes


Existing schemes and operators

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