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Who we are

CoMoUK is the national organisation for shared transport, a charity for promoting its social, economic and environmental benefits.

Shared transport means schemes such as car clubs and bike share where people can use a mode of transport without having to own it.

We work collaboratively with national, regional, transport and local authorities as well as the private sector to further these public benefits.

We do this via research, operator accreditation, stakeholder engagement, policy work and advocacy.

CoMoUK supports the development of shared modes:

  • Car share
  • Bike share
  • E-scooter share
  • Lift share
  • Digital demand responsive transport
Our work and funding
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A brief history of CoMoUK and shared transport


First on-street car club launches in Edinburgh followed by community schemes in Leeds, Coventry and Bristol


First funding to support nascent car clubs from DfT


8 London boroughs launch first permanent on-street bays


Transport for London launches funding for on-street bays leading to significant growth


Carplus Scotland office opened and support programme for car club development agreed with Transport Scotland


Free-floating car sharing launched in London


First integrated car club and bike share launched in Devon


CoMoUK turns 20, with work expanded to include promotion of mobility hubs and analysing the potential of shared mobility to deliver on public policy goals


CoMoUK created as Community Car Share Network (CCSN)


Car club scheme launched in Brighton & Hove and CCSN changes name to Carplus


First self-service bike share in Cardiff and Reading


London docked bike share scheme launched


Bike share launches in 9 new cities: Glasgow, Oxford, Liverpool, Reading, Lincoln, Northampton, Bath and Slough


Carplus expands to support bike share development with Bikeplus brand and first on-street e-bike scheme launched in Oxford


Carplus name changes to CoMoUK widening remit to promote all aspects of shared mobility. First social inclusion bike share programme launches in Glasgow, first dockless bikes arrive in UK.


CoMoUK increases its coverage to include e-scooters and DDRT, as shared transport continues to grow and authorities increasingly embed shared transport in their plans
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