Our work and funding

Who we are and what we do

CoMoUK is the national charity for the public benefit of shared transport such as car clubs and bike share schemes.

We work collaboratively with national, regional, transport and local authorities as well as the private sector to further these social, economic and environmental benefits. We do this via accreditation, research, policy, guidance, engagement and advocacy.

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Our work and funding

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We accredit operators in the car club and bike share sectors, as well as accrediting mobility hubs. This is a collectively agreed set of standards which are upheld across these sectors. These save authorities from the burden of individually finding reassurance on such standards. As part of our accreditation, operators provide key data to deepen understanding of shared transport.

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We publish an unmatched roster of research on shared transport each year. The mainstays of this are our annual car and bike share reports, which combine user and operator data, as well as a number of special focuses on particular areas of interest such as mobility hubs.

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We have a range of policy areas in focus including procurement of shared transport; the electrification of car club fleets; and spatial planning policy change to support mobility hubs and approaches which build in sustainable transport use and reduce private car use.

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CoMoUK has a suite of guidance for public authorities in particular on how best to establish and support shared transport schemes. We keep this refreshed on a regular basis. Areas covered include car and bike share, plus mobility hubs.

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We engage widely and very regularly across the public, private and third sectors relating to shared and sustainable transport. We do this via regular forums, collective and 1:1 meetings, publishing guidance, our annual conference and other bespoke events. We engage on average with 50 public authorities per month.

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We advocate for the public benefit of shared transport with the UK Government, governments across the nations and regions of the UK, and local transport and other public authorities. We do this via meetings, publications, events and media work.

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CoMoUK income is derived from:

Smarter Choices, Smarter Places

CoMoUK has received funding from Smarter Choices, Smarter Places Open Fund for four projects since 2019. These projects have enabled research into shared transport, engagement with employers to reduce single occupancy car use, and bespoke support for community groups helping people in areas of deprivation to access shared transport modes.

Our ongoing project, Shared transport for All has received funding for year 2. This project aims to support more people in low-income areas in Glasgow and Edinburgh to access sustainable shared transport modes including bike share and car share.

We also have funding to carry out an in-depth analysis of shared modes in Scotland. This project will analyse the current status of shared transport in Scotland across modes and operator models, including community schemes, focussing on users and operators.

In August 2023 we were delighted to receive funding from Smarter Choices, Smarter Places Active Nation fund for a pop-up mobility hubs project. This has enabled us to have two pop-up mobility hubs designed and manufactured, that can be moved to different locations in Scotland. The pop-up mobility hubs will visit locations affected by transport poverty in the Highlands and Forth Valley regions, respectively. For each location of the pop-up mobility hub, we will engage the community to help realise the active travel benefits that the hub can offer.

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