Community bike sharing

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Setting up a community bike share scheme

A community bike share scheme is one that is set up and run by a community-based organisation, typically with between 1-30 bikes.

CoMoUK has created a step by step guide to support the development of community bike share schemes, split into seven easy to digest sections. The information is designed to support groups on their journey all the way from the early planning stage through to delivery.

The documents can be downloaded using the links below.

The guidance is designed to give you food for thought, to help assess what solutions may be best for you; organisations must always ensure their own procedures are fit for purpose. Scroll down for the supporting documents for the guidance and to find out a bit more about how we can support you set up your own community bike share scheme.

Supporting documents

Case studies - community bikes

CoMoUK Shared Transport Podcast

CoMoUK and the Scottish Communities Climate Action Network are excited to present a new joint podcast, exploring the impact of community bike share across Scotland. It features:

  • Harriet Cross on CoMoUK’s work to help develop low-carbon and low-cost transport options
  • Tim Hughes on how his passion for cycling led to Dunblane Development Trust’s e-bike loan scheme for residents
  • Jude King discussing how Arran Eco Savvy’s bike share project supports the island’s businesses and individuals to reduce their carbon footprints
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Support from CoMoUK

Communities in Scotland are able to take advantage of a service provided by CoMoUK that offers support and advice to communities setting up and running shared bike schemes. To find out more, please get in touch.

Community car and bike share forum

We run a quarterly online meet up for communities interested in the latest developments around car and bike share schemes. To find out more and request an invitation to join us please email us using the link below.

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