The Sustainable Transport Alliance

Series of illustrations showing different transport methods covered by members of the Sustainable Transport Alliance

The Alliance

CoMoUK is proud to have played a founding role in this partnership of sustainable transport NGOs that cover public, community, active and shared transport.

The Sustainable Transport Alliance consists of: the Community Rail Network; the Campaign for Better Transport; Bus Users UK; the Community Transport Association; Living Streets; Sustrans; the London Cycling Campaign; and CoMoUK.

Our vision of future transport

All our communities can develop into healthy, unpolluted, inclusive, prosperous places to live, work and enjoy, well-connected and served by green and fair transport that works for everyone.

Our mission and our offer

We want to ensure that public, community, active and shared transport is prioritised, celebrated and developed, so everyone can access opportunities, get around, and live their lives by sustainable means.  

The UK's biggest source of emissions is transport, most of which comes from private cars. We are working together across the various different forms of sustainable transport that we represent to improve provision for and takeup of alternatives to the private car.

We were proud to be able to put on an event together at COP26.

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Mode shift evidence

The Sustainable Transport Alliance has compiled a portfolio of evidence on the carbon savings and co-benefits from mode shift to sustainable modes.

The Sustainable Transport Alliance Mode Shift Evidence

The Sustainable Transport Alliance @ COP26

People make transport: communities enabling greener travel

Wednesday 10 November 2021, 17:00 (60 minutes)

How can diverse voices, enthusiasm and creativity be harnessed to achieve low-carbon transport systems and behaviours in local communities? At COP26 we presented an inspirational session on getting the social side of sustainable transport right.

Transport emissions are rising faster globally than any other sector. While a shift to cleaner vehicles is important, it will take decades to take effect. To achieve meaningful change quickly, we must shift reliance away from private cars, making public and community transport, walking, cycling and shared mobility the ‘natural choice’. Research shows the social side of this change is vital: creating place-based solutions, integrating low-carbon modes, and encouraging and enabling sustainable transport behaviours.

The session drew on our networks to showcase practical examples and insights on how local initiatives can engage and empower communities to achieve climate-safe, inclusive, healthy transport systems and behaviours.

Our panel of government, academic, industry and community experts looked at what broader policy and funding support is required to facilitate these initiatives; shared expertise on building trust and making change last; and considered the wider impact on climate goals and additional benefits for health, wellbeing and sustainable development. These lessons are adaptable to any local context. The event included colourful examples that paint an inspiring picture of pathways to clean, green, equitable travel. Our panel of experts engaged in a lively debate, taking questions and comments from the audience to relate our experiences to other locations globally, sharing ideas, thinking and positivity around what we have to gain from cleaner transport.


  • Xavier Brice, CEO, Sustrans
  • Richard Dilks, Chief Executive, CoMoUK
  • Bernadette Kelly CB, Permanent Secretary, Department for Transport
  • Patrick Harvie MSP, Minister for Zero Carbon Buildings, Active Travel and Tenants’ Rights
  • Martin Dean, Managing Director – Business Development, The Go-Ahead Group
  • Greg Marsden, Professor of Transport Governance, ITS – University of Leeds
  • Cllr. Anna Richardson, City Convenor for Sustainability and Carbon Reduction, Glasgow City Council
  • Jools Townsend, Chief Executive, Community Rail Network

Event sponsors

Our thanks to Transport Scotland and Go-Ahead Group for their support of this event.
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