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The 2022 Shared Transport Conference from CoMoUK, the only one of its kind in the UK, was held online on 7 & 8 December 2022.

Session replays can be found on our YouTube channel through the link below:

Session replays (YouTube)


Session 1: Opening plenary & The Big Thinking Tent: what we want and need to see

Opening plenary: Danny Williams, CEO, Active Travel England

Chair: Rebecca Karbaumer, Shared Mobility and Mobility Management Specialist, City of Bremen


  • Filip Watteeuw - Deputy Mayor, City of Ghent
  • Benoit Yameundjeu - CEO, Fifteen
  • Pete Dyson - former Principal Behavioural Scientist,Department for Transport
  • Jillian Anable - Professor of Transport and Energy, University of Leeds, Institute for Transport Studies
  • Laura Reupke - Head of International Sales and Business Development, Ioki

Session 2: Welcome to the smorgasbord: different mobility hub types in action

Chair: Matthew Clark - Associate Director (New Mobility), Steer


  • Gustav Bosehans - Research Associate, Newcastle University
  • Helen Scholes - Marketing Manager, Co Cars
  • Amanda Edmondson - Mobility Hubs Project Manager, Future Transport Zone, West of England Combined Authority
  • Paul Curtis - Director, Vectos
  • Robert Davis - Business Development Manager, Trueform

Session 3: Inclusion and shared transport

Chair: Alan Benson MBE - Chair, Transport For All


  • Jonathan Hampson - Head of UK Partnerships, Via
  • Robert Schopen - Partnerships Manager, Co Wheels
  • Ross Williams - Senior Consultant, New Mobility, Steer
  • Jess Strangward - Senior Operations Manager, nextbike UK

Session 4: What shared transport and rail can do for each other

Chair: John Lauder - Deputy CEO,
Sustrans (on secondment to Scotland's Railway)


  • Keith Kelly - Head of Partnerships, Enterprise Car Club
  • Angelo Meuleman - Managing Director, Mpact
  • Dami Adebayo - Partnerships Lead, Europe, The Routing Company

Session 5: Opening plenary & Scotland: shared transport and net zero

Opening plenary: Patrick Harvie MSP - Minister for Zero Carbon Buildings, Active Travel and Tenants' Rights, MSP

Chair: Rachael Murphy - Scotland Director, CoMoUK


  • Anna Herriman - Senior Partnership Manager, SEStran
  • Lily Green - Sustainable Travel Team Lead, Transport Scotland
  • Bertrand Deiss - Head of Transport Climate Change Strategy & Engagement, Transport Scotland
  • Amelie Sundberg - Partnerships Principal, Via
  • Mike Callaghan - Car Club Coordinator, LEAP Car Club
  • Martijn Kentie - International Development, Bewegen

Session 6: The power of community: sustainability in action

Chair: Harriet Cross - Senior Development Officer (Communities), CoMoUK


  • Emily Kerr - Councillor, Oxford City Council
  • Wil Parry - Project Manager, O Ddrws i Ddrws
  • Robin Coates - Organiser, Malvern Hills Car Club
  • Kate Hathway - Coordinator, Kyle Community E-bikes
  • Maria Davey - Operations Lead, Isles of Scilly Community Venture

Session 7: Pounds, shillings and pence: the economics of shared transport schemes

Chair: Richard Dilks - Chief Executive, CoMoUK


  • Graeme Risby - CEO & Co-founder, Hiyacar
  • Matthew Clark - Associate Director (New Mobility), Steer
  • Chris Slade - B2G Partnerships Manager, Fifteen
  • Will Jansen - Head of Operations, HumanForest

Session 8: What do we want from Government policy?

Chair: Ashok Sinha - CEO, London Cycling Campaign


  • Christina Calderato - Director of Transport Strategy and Policy, Transport for London
  • Ali Clabburn - Founder & Chairman, Liftshare / Mobilityways
  • James Padden - Project Principal, Mott MacDonald
  • Arnd Bätzner - Transit Strategist, Mobility Genossenschaft

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