Guest blog from new members W4G

We at W4G Group are excited to introduce our divisions dedicated to enhancing safety, efficiency, and reliability in shared transport.

Fire & Security: Our Fire & Security division provides cutting-edge fire suppression systems tailored to EV fleets, proactive security measures, and tailored security consultations.

Track Recovery: Our Track Recovery division specialises in advanced asset tracking and swift recovery services. We understand the importance of protecting shared vehicles from theft or unauthorized use. Through real-time monitoring and rapid response capabilities,we offer peace of mind to fleet operators, ensuring the security and protection of their assets, with our bespoke tracking solutions through key partnerships,a 24/7 monitored control room and an expansive network of agents across the UK & Europe.

Fleet Management: Our Fleet Management division offers comprehensive solutions to optimise shared fleets such as storage for keys & loose parts.

Aligned with CoMoUK's mission to advance the public benefits of shared transport, these specialised divisions are committed to collaborating with your community to ensure a safe, reliable, and sustainable shared mobility ecosystem. Our leadership team boasts over 40 years of military and policing experience combined with over 20 years of shared rental and mobility sector experience.

We are enthusiastic about the opportunity to support CoMoUK's initiatives and contribute our expertise to furthering the success of shared transport projects across the UK.

Should you wish to explore how our divisions can benefit your shared mobility initiatives or if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.



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