Diversifying e-mobility infrastructure the JOLT way

Making e-micromobility an easier choice

Particularly in dense urban areas, there’s a need to address single occupancy journeys made in private cars and make it easier for drivers to choose other mobility methods. Recent trials have shown that e-scooters and e-bikes have the potential to replace a proportion of the drivers’ journeys and give more residents more choice.

JOLT’s e-mobility charging ecosystem (which includes e-scoot, “JOLT.scoot '' and e-bikes, “JOLT.bike”) can be expanded as a modular solution as demand increases. Diversifying the micro mobility infrastructure would alleviate traffic congestion by removing unnecessary vehicle movements and address health problems caused by driving petrol and diesel cars.

Current e-micro mobility business models involve the collection, charging and redistribution of the e-scooter and e-bikes. Providing a locking and racked charging solution for point-to-point hire (hired from one rack, returned to another rack) is beneficial for both the local authority and residents, as it prevents floating or corralled e-scooters and e-bikes being left in dangerous or inappropriate locations, whether that be unintentional or malicious.

Providing social value for local communities

JOLT’s business model stems from the core offering of JOLT.EV which supports the installation of EV fast charging infrastructure, supported by its unique advertising-backed commercial model.

With integrated digital screens across the network, the JOLT screens bring high social value to a variety of stakeholders, including the Local Authority. They would receive free allocation on the screens for community messaging, public information campaigns and the sharing of environmental data, to better engage with residents, especially those that might otherwise be digitally excluded.

The JOLT advertising-supported model makes EV car clubs more economically feasible and provides a significant income to the partnering local authority from the day the charging station is operational.Through the partnership with EV car club providers, existing or prospective, JOLT can provide free EV charging infrastructure at zero-cost to the local authority and the provider.

By working with Local Authorities, JOLT is building the future to create e-mobility hubs using a mixed JOLT solution across the ecosystem. We are working to make e-micro mobility an easy and convenient alternative to single occupancy, private vehicle journeys with free (zero-cost) infrastructure and provide the partner local authority with an additional income from the day the station is activated.

Joining CoMoUK

CoMoUK is the organisation for shared transport solutions, supporting all of the collaborative mobility benefits that are at the heart of JOLT’s offering. JOLT is proud to be part of the CoMoUK collective and we look forward to growing our business in the UK and working together more closely as we progress.

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